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6 Spring/Summer Colors for a Bright Start of the Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a fantastic celebration.
Bright colors always make people happy. So a great start to kick off the New Year is definitely matching some of the trending Spring Summer 2017 colors with different moods to bring more positive energy to your life.

I’ve handpicked six interesting and beautiful colors from Pantone’s Spring 2017 Trends and the moods inspired from them. It’s all about being fresh, reborn, energetic, calm and peaceful. Let’s start!

1. Primrose Yellow

The perfect color for feeling energetic and excited and positive. Don’t you know that’s also the color for the smiley emoji icons? Smile more, laugh more, and don’t take yourself too seriously (but do take your dream seriously). Anything small failure is not the end of the world. Rock on, shine on, dream on.


2. Aqua Blue

A sense of calmness and refreshment exudes from this beautiful color of aqua blue resembling paradise and island. This hue indicates peace, freedom and youth. Think sipping a cocktail on a breezy summer afternoon on a beach gateway, or diving into the wild ocean of a remote island full of magic and lives. It’s the best time to travel far away from home, to get yourself on adventures, to feel the wonders of what life can bring you, to breathe and to be feel alive. Travel, as much as you can, in style and grace.


3. Flame Red

When the classic crimson red meets a dose of bright orange, the result is magical – the ferocious flame. Imagine fierceness, passion, love, romance, femininity and excitement while maintaining a hint of danger – or I like to call it challenge. Be bold, be loud, be heard and be yourself as the world worships the original (inspired by Ingrid Bergman). Let’s be on fire and excessively excited at the times, as nothing is too much, and too much is never enough to hide away your lust for life. Love yourself, before you can love anything else.


4. Greenery

Take a deep breath to be aware of the present and feel the freshness of the new season. Feel the liveliness of the nature and the energy of people around you. Breathe in positive energy and exhale the negative one. Forget about the stress and expectations. Embrace the environment and be a part of it instead of destroying it. Get out there in the wild, explore it and conquer it. Create a clutter-free home and lead a stress-free and healthy lifestyle. Clean your wardrobe; get fresh flowers on your dining table; go to gym and most importantly, stick to it!


5. Pale Dogwood Pink

The pale pink shade resonates perfectly with peace, calmness and elegance. It’s innocently beautiful, like dance moves of the ballerina, roses in the summer garden and softness of whispers from a young woman. Its pureness and translucency are impeccably graceful and chic. Be soft and nice to people, rather than being right. Listen to others with full attention and be honest. Practice good postures and learn new languages. Enrich your life with new knowledge and experience every day. Dress for occasions and smile with your eyes.


6. Hazelnut

This earthy tone of hazelnut is comfortable, warm, neutral yet versatile. It’s flexible to be blended into so many other colors, textures, environment, occasions and moods. It’s reminiscent of the rough sea and wild mountains yet also the soft sunlight in the morning and a cup of warm tea in your secret garden. Learn to be flexible and put yourself in other people’s perspectives. Be sensible to circumstances and sensitive to feelings.


Hope you will like them as much as I do. Have you set your New Year resolution yet? Mine is pretty simple – be in the moment and live in it.

Past and future are in the mind only – I am now.
– Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

What about you?
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