Niseko: That Beautiful All-White World

Coming from a tropical city like Hong Kong, skiing isn’t something that runs in my blood. But travelling to Niseko makes me love skiing.

Every year, we go to Niseko, a town in the northern Hokkaido Island in Japan that is renowned for having lots of snows.

Every day, my gangs talked about the weather, wind, temperature and the famous world “dumping”. Unlike Europe, the snows here are abundant, thick and very soft. It’s always snowing and windy. Sometimes you can’t see which way you’re going on the slopes because the sky and the slops are in the same color, white. The winds blows into your face wherever you go, as if you’re fighting with the nature while enjoying it at the same time.

Life is rather simple there as a traveller, and I guess, even as a resident too.

The whole world is painted in white, food is fresh, milk is silky, ramen is ready and coffee is hot. Weather is as cold as -15 degree but your house is warm. That interesting contrary puts me in a state of dreaminess – the in-and-out feeling of coldness and warmth is very surreal and almost too wonderful to be true.

Not to mention the onsen (hot spring) after skiing which heals all your muscle pain, all organically. A week of skiing, food, onsen and insane whiteness is an amazing experience that you want to repeat it again and again.

I really can’t think of a better place to spend a winter.


Here’s a video I made in Niseko so you can have an idea what I’m talking about. I used my Leica Q and iPhone 6 to film it.

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