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100 Simple Ways to Live an Elegant and Happy Life

There are people who seem to be always happy and looking elegant. They don’t age and treat every day like a new adventure. They laugh and live their lives to the fullest.

I’ve learned from family, friends, colleagues and icons that the ways to lead an elegant and happy life are very simple. Everyone can do it. You just have to start right now. Ready?

  1. Do what you love.
  2. Have dreams.
  3. Live with passion.
  4. Challenge yourself. Don’t settle for mediocre.
  5. Smile more, even at strangers.
  6. Don’t hurry.
  7. Breathe deep.
  8. Surround yourself with good people.
  9. Don’t stop working and using your brain.
  10. Have goals, and try hard to achieve them.
  11. Don’t take things too seriously.
  12. Tell good stories.
  13. Maintain relationships with good people.
  14. Say “please” and “thank you” all the time, even to your family.
  15. Send thank you notes.
  16. Write letters.
  17. Sip your drink.
  18. Speak eloquently and use good words.
  19. Appreciate, even for things that you already have.
  20. Read a lot.
  21. Be well travelled.
  22. Put quality before quantity.
  23. Make time for people you love and do things with them together.
  24. Feel comfortable with silence.
  25. Stand straight and tall. Hold your head up.
  26. Learn manners and etiquettes for all situations.
  27. Uphold your standards without being unreasonable.
  28. Accept compliments and gifts with grace.
  29. Give thoughtful gifts.
  30. Hold your temper.
  31. Don’t guess. Talk to others and ask.
  32. Be punctual. Arrive exactly on time.
  33. Avoid setting up meetings or dinners last-minute.
  34. Give notice as early as you can when you’re going to be late or you have to cancel.
  35. Say “no” politely when necessary.
  36. Give lots of genuine compliments.
  37. Don’t brag.
  38. Don’t complain.
  39. Don’t be over-obsessed.
  40. Stop worrying.
  41. Observe and listen.
  42. Don’t interrupt others. Wait for your turn patiently.
  43. Turn your mobile off during dinner.
  44. Go to theaters and concerts.
  45. Use good fine china and wine glasses even for normal days.
  46. Wear simple makeup.
  47. Dress well for the occasion all the time. You never know who you would bump into.
  48. Get dressed-up regularly.
  49. Get one evening gown that you really love.
  50. Wear a signature perfume that lasts.
  51. Dine like a lady.
  52. Take bubble bath.
  53. Take care of your hair and skin.
  54. Keep your nails manicured.
  55. Press your clothes and maintain your shoes.
  56. Wear silk, cashmere and satin.
  57. Learn how to tie a tie and bow tie.
  58. Wear silk scarves.
  59. Wear red lipsticks.
  60. Wear well-fitting clothes.
  61. Drink good wine.
  62. Learn about art.
  63. Be charming.
  64. Wear heels.
  65. Wear less than 3 colors with at least one of the colors being black, white, grey, navy or beige.
  66. Accessorize carefully. Don’t over-do it.
  67. Hug or kiss others goodbye.
  68. Embrace your shortcomings.
  69. Work out.
  70. Eat healthy food.
  71. Decorate your home with simple and elegant furniture and décor, or items that you love.
  72. Wish others a lovely day when you leave them.
  73. Take walks in the park.
  74. Tip generously.
  75. Learn new languages.
  76. Be optimistic.
  77. Think from others’ perspective.
  78. Learn to dance.
  79. Stop and think before you want to start an argument.
  80. Look others into the eyes.
  81. Apologize sincerely.
  82. Forget about regrets. Move on.
  83. Be kind rather than being right.
  84. Do nice things for others without asking anything in return.
  85. Keep fresh flowers at home.
  86. Make sure your guests have a drink on hand within one minute after their arrival to your home.
  87. Have a signature dish and cocktail to serve your guests.
  88. Serve coffee after meals.
  89. When you’re staying over as a guest, make sure you keep things clean. Clean up when you leave.
  90. Create space for yourself and others.
  91. Get to know yourself.
  92. Share with others.
  93. Maintain one hobby that is for yourself only.
  94. Choose an icon or mentor you can learn a lot from.
  95. Treat life as an adventure.
  96. Don’t over-anticipate.
  97. Be grateful for the sun rising every morning.
  98. Accept things as they are.
  99. Savor every moment.
  100. Be yourself.


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